Wellbeing at yarnton


WEDNESDAY 15th may 2019

With £9Billion lost to the UK economy due to days of sick each year* and over 50% being due to avoidable stress related illnesses is it time to address the value of wellbeing in your business?

Join us on Wednesday 15th May for a fundraising networking event to help your business to untap opportunities by addressing wellbeing. Discover the power of pausing and how doing less can help you get more done. Organised by BalanceTime in partnership with Yarnton Manor. The day is designed to help raise funds for Restore – Oxfordshire’s mental health charity

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*Source HSE figures 2015/16

Yarnton Manor are the hosts of BalanceTime’s second Wellbeing at Work Oxfordshire networking event. This morning seminar offers inspiration to understand the importance of supporting mental wellness in the workplace, raising funds for Restore, Oxfordshire’s mental health charity.

07:30 – 08:15  Refreshments and networking

08:15 – 09:15  Short talks and panel discussion on mental wellness in the workplace with guest experts

  • Kev Waite from Mind Body Move, talks about living with bipolar and what good and bad workplace support looks like from a perspective
  • Judy Claughton from BalanceTime talks about auditing stress for individuals and organisations to help prevent a mental health incident
  • Michael Cordova, TEDx Speaker and Director of Floating Point Pangbourne talks about the science of the power of pausing and practical ways to understand and act to support mental wellbeing
  • Chaired by Helen Saxton, from murder mystery team building company Charaderie

09:15 – 10:30  Questions, networking and break out groups

  • 09:15 - 09:30 Questions and coffee
  • 09:30 - 10:30 Networking and breakout groups
  • Charaderie shares sleuth room style puzzles and how these can bond your team and get you thinking differently
  • BalanceTime shares ten minute mini meditations helping you to revive and refocus


About the speakers/chair

Kevin Waite, Founder of Mind Body Move: Kevin shares what it is like to live with bipolar and good and bad personal experiences from former employers and how you can be more aware of mental illness and wellness at home ad in the workplace.

TEDx Speaker and Director of Floating Point, Michael Cordova: With two years of running and award winning wellbeing and float centre in Berkshire and years of expertise in wellbeing following his own wellbeing battles, Michael shares some of the science behind pausing and how to stop mental wellbeing from being seen as irrelevant to your business – when in fact it can be one of the biggest motivators for productivity.

Director and Head Trainer from BalanceTime, Judy Claughton: With almost 20 years of communications and facilitation experience and the calm of resilience tools based in mindfulness and meditation, Judy shares a practical approach to understanding and auditing stress in your business to improve both performance and wellbeing.

Director and Lead Trainer of Charaderie, Helen Saxton: Helen chairs today’s event bringing her fresh problem-solving approach to break down barriers that impact both wellbeing and employee engagement.

Find out more here: eventrbrite/wellbeing-at-work